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On 27th January 2011 at the Tokyo games convention Sony announced the new face of next generation gaming, the Sony PlayStation Vita. The handheld innovation has similar graphics to a PS3, and is a must have gadget for 2011. However the price of gadgets now aday’s is unbelivable. How about paying NOTHING at all! Yes this guide will tell you how to get your own Free PS Vita in 3 simple steps. You will receive your free PS Vita direct to your door without paying a single penny.

Free PS Vita How?

We have teamed up with the most established affiliate company called. Xpango, they have sent out over £250,000 worth of Free Gadgets around the globe and all without paying a penny! Xpango has over 20,000 satisfied customer across the globe, who have all received a wide range of gadgets. This company was voted best Exceem supported Network of the year and is known for its first class support and award winning website

To receive your Free PS Vita you must follow the simple 3 step process.   Step 1: you must sign up and register your details, Sign up. To complete the registration you must complete some offers. There are a wide range of offers some free and some from companys like Toulna surveys, e-music free trial and more.  Step 2: Is to refer your friends and family, or you can complete offer’s yourself but I recommend referring friends to do the same as step 2.  Step 3: Completed those to steps? Now all you do is hit the verify button and your PS Vita will be delivered to your door within 5 days! Simple as that

Don’t Want The PS Vita?

Don’t stop there, after you have received your Free PS Vita, you can also get much more Free Gadgets, how about the brand new Nintendo 3DS, yes you can get the brand new innovative console console, Or maybe you want the PS3 Slim? Don’t worry about completing a offer again as it will be rolled over and any unused credits you have can be used again. Check this Free PS Vita step by step  guide.

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There are a wide range of offers you will see once registered, however we will tell you the best recommended FREE offer to complete. Yes you will not pay a penny! In the USA our best offer is a Rebtel offer simply sign up to Rebtel and deposit £7/$10/€8 or more. In the UK our best offer is the LOVEFiLM offer! Worldwide, including the US and UK, our best offer is the 1&1 Website Free Trial.

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